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A brand defines the promise that a product or service makes to its customer.  Powerful brands solve a customer need that is different and more effective than the competition.  A brand is expressed in words and visual cues that deliver a clear message, generate an emotional connection, encourage a purchase and establish ongoing loyalty.

Every guest touchpoint is an opportunity to enforce and remind customers of the brand and the brand promise.  Floral design is a form of visual arts.  Unique compositions can be constructed that trigger a memory, generate an emotion or enforce a sense of place.  The use of driftwood in an arrangement with statice or grasses, for example, may evoke a sense of coastal living.  A monochromatic arrangement may communicate subtle elegance.  

Brand Amplification Example

We recently worked on an event for a liqueur company whose main ingredient is pomegranate.  The company wants consumers to think of a pomegranate based cocktail the next time they order a drink.  Our task was to think of ways to visually remind guests of the key differentiator for the product — pomegranates.

We started with color—the deep burgundy of the seeds with the pink exterior and cream colored rind became our color palette.  One major focal flower dominated the arrangement — a pink protea. The protea’s size and shape is not unlike a pomegranate, especially the highly recognizable collar where the fruit connects with the tree.  We introduced unique shapes and textures to mimic the seeds and rind inside the pomegranate with hypericum and sedum.  Lastly, we added touches of burgundy pompoms to communicate the deep red color of the juice often associated with pomegranates.  None of these things by themselves say pomegranate, but together they visually remind guests of the main ingredient and what makes this particular liqueur unique.

Every botanical has natural attributes (color, texture, form, shape) that can be combined and incorporated into an overall composition that communicates a brand message.  The role of the floral designer is to fully understand the brand promise in order to select botanicals and design elements that bring the brand alive for the guests.  The design possibilities are endless and always unique.  

Nourish specializes in nature-inspired botanical design to communicate a brand story. We work with the hospitality industry, event planners and marketing/advertising agencies in Southern California.

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